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Spring Cleaning

quick indoor cleaning

Refresh your rooms with a thorough spring-cleaning. We can help you achieve a deep cleanse in record time so you can get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Try our quick tips and tricks to make your interiors sparkle in just one weekend.

press play

Speed up chores with music—create a playlist of upbeat songs to keep you motivated as you clean and make the time fly.


Begin your cleanup with the upper floors of your house. Focus on one room at a time and complete each space before going to the next so you can see the reward of your hard work. Clean each room from top to bottom to let dust and dirt settle on the floors before you vacuum.

fast reductions

Reclaim your space by de-cluttering. Sort your stuff into keep, donate or toss piles, and pack what you keep in clear, wheeled storage bins so it’s easy to find and move.


Make sure you start each spring day with fresh-out-of-the-wash clothes and linens. Tackle one load a day, and select a detergent formula that comes packed with stain-fighting and brightening power.


Use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Their biodegradable ingredients work just as hard as regular products, without harsh chemicals or fumes—perfect for keeping your kids and pets safe and sound.


What’s so special about microfiber? It’s lightweight and long-lasting, trapping dirt, dust and allergens efficiently with its natural static charge, and you can use it wet or dry on almost any surface—scratch-free.


Reawaken your bath by making it sparkle again. Ready-to-use ZEP Mold and Mildew Stain Remover quickly dissolves mold and mildew stains to instantly brighten most bathroom surfaces.


A 2-in-1 cleaner combats grease and grime while eliminating odors caused by household bacteria. Keeping surfaces clean also cuts down on your chances of catching a pesky spring cold. Try Fantastik Anti-Bacterial All-Purpose Cleaner.


A kitchen bag with a drawstring, such as Husky Kitchen Bags, makes a great temporary laundry sack. Hang it on a hook or door knob as you clean out closets and cupboards so you can toss in any stray socks, linens or fabric.

rewarding windows

Clean, clear windows make any room feel lighter and cleaner simply by letting more light in. When cleaning your windows, wipe the inside up and down, and the outside left to right. If you end up with streaks, you’ll know which side they’re on.

spotless floors

Protect your floors from scratches with furniture pads. These budget-friendly felt disks attach to the bottom of your furniture legs, making for a scuff-free space.


Keep your home smelling fresh by cleaning your floors with an antibacterial disinfectant such as Lavender Odoban Concentrate. Got an active family on the go this summer? You can even deodorize shoes by spraying funky footwear with this solution.


Once you’ve completed all of the big tasks, give your home one last sweep. Give pillows and drapes a quick swipe with a lint roller. For dusty blinds, use an antistatic spray after cleaning to keep dust from clinging on—and scoop up those dust bunnies under your sofa and fridge with an adjustable vacuum hose or Swiffer.


Ensure high-traffic surfaces—such as door knobs and light switches—are smudge- and germ-free by wiping them down with sanitizing wipes. Store a container of all-purpose Clorox Disinfecting Wipes in each room for fast and easy cleanup.

Fast Outdoor Refreshes

We have the tools and tips to help you revitalize and awaken your outdoor spaces. Our speedy outdoor cleanup checklist will help you tidy your exteriors in as little as two days. You’ll be rewarded with a home that will impress your guests and neighbors.


Save time by clearing garden debris before you start cleaning. Tidy up the yard by sweeping, deadheading withered plants and shrubs, then fertilizing the beds to nourish your plants and bring them back to life.


Keep leaves and trash from blowing around your yard while you work. The Rubbermaid Spring-Top Trash Container has LinerLock clips that keep garbage bags in place while you clean up.

protect your plants

When cleaning your deck, keep your plants safe from soap runoff by spraying them with water beforehand. It keeps detergents and debris from sticking to the leaves.


Nothing works harder indoors and out than bleach. It can remove tough stains and dirt on your driveway, deck and sidewalk. When diluted, Clorox Outdoor Bleach Cleaner will not corrode metal surfaces or harm your plants.


Saying goodbye to Old Man Winter is easy. Get your deck, driveway and siding looking spiffy in seconds by blasting away dirt, mold, grease and grime with a pressure washer.

clean your gutters

Give your exterior a fast facelift by removing leaves and debris from your gutters before they start to sprout seedlings. Regular maintenance of this overlooked area helps prevent rotting and water damage to your house. Use a leaf blower, or simply scoop out the debris and blow out the remaining dirt with a hose.


Put the finishing touches on your spring cleaning with clear windows. A quality glass-cleaning kit will eliminate the need for hand-drying, leaving your windows shiny and streak-free. Try telescoping cleaning tools to tackle tough outdoor grime without the hassle of a ladder.


The best offense is a good defense. After cleaning, use a mold and mildew inhibitor to protect outdoor surfaces such as wood decks, vinyl siding, fencing and more.

rain gear

Everybody loves a refreshing spring shower, but nobody likes to sit on damp cushions. Keep your patio cushions and outdoor accessories safe, dry and easy to find with a durable and stylish storage unit that complements your outdoor decor.


Finally, do some party prep by getting your grill ready. For a low-effort, high impact cleanse, put the racks in a garbage bag, spray them with oven cleaner and tie the bag closed overnight. Wipe them with a cloth the next morning.

welcome home

Get two doormats for every entrance to your home—one outside, one inside. They provide a polished finish to your refreshed exteriors and drastically reduce how much dirt gets in your home.

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