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Busy families need homes that work as hard as they do. Squeeze more storage and organization solutions from your property by making the most out of every space. Find out how to reap maximum rewards from mini-makeovers in three key areas of the home.

convert an armoire

Repurpose furniture into a functional potting station

Grow your gardening workspace, while saving yourself some green! Our furniture-conversion project transforms an armoire or hutch into a space-saving, custom home organization station. This ingenious and inexpensive storage solution keeps gardening tools, growing supplies and seeds clean, dry and well organized. Close the doors and the repurposed armoire makes an elegant addition to your space.


Stash frequently-used items like plant tags, seed packets and twine in a tool belt, hung from a sturdy hook. This keeps them accessible and ready to go outdoors.


For fast cleanups inside and out, install a paper towel holder. When you’re heading to the garden, you can quickly grab a few pieces to stash in your tool belt—just roll and go.


If you lack an outdoor shed but want to carve out a space for gardening tools, try this simple solution: Hang pegboards and attach hooks to the back wall and interior side of the armoire doors, using them to hold hand tools like trowels, shears and pruners.


To make your small space appear larger, paint your armoire and adjacent walls light, airy hues in complementary shades. This clean, coordinated look will instantly brighten the room.


Utilize the remaining drawers as covered storage for potting materials and watering supplies. To keep your armoire stable, store the heaviest items in the bottom-most drawer.

quick tip

Keep your floors working as hard as you do with water- and stain-resistant vinyl flooring. For a time-saving update, look for planks with an interlocking edge design. This allows you to apply them directly over your old floor with no prep or adhesive required—just score and snap.

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