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Busy families need homes that work as hard as they do. Squeeze more storage and organization solutions from your property by making the most out of every space. Find out how to reap maximum rewards from mini-makeovers in three key areas of the home.

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Practical tips and high-performance laundry room ideas

Get ready to wash, store and fold with ease—accessible surfaces, dual-purpose fixtures and space-maximizing storage solutions all combine to create a more functional laundry room. Keep your laundry area performing at its best even when space is limited with these hardworking storage and organization ideas.


Free up valuable counter space while keeping frequently-used handwashing tools—such as gloves and brushes—within reach by installing a hook rail above your laundry sink.


Maximize vertical space while keeping garments wrinkle-free by installing a clothesline. Station it near your laundry duo so you can hang up clothes right away, saving on ironing time.


Install stylish floating shelves over your laundry duo for easy access to detergent and cleaning supplies. Group similar items together and use baskets to keep loose items—like sponges and brushes—secure and easy to retrieve.


To get the most out of your laundry sink, look for space-saving features such as a removable drying rack, a towel bar and an easy-to-access storage shelf.


Combine style and function with a patterned runner. Not only does it add texture and color to the room, but it also gives your body a break during folding sessions by providing comfort for your knees and warmth underfoot.

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Maximize your workspace while minimizing energy use. Not only do high-efficiency, front-loading washers and dryers save you space and money, but the top surface of these appliances also provides the perfect countertop for sorting and folding clean laundry.

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