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Living Room Update


Reinvent your living room décor with small budget, big impact projects. A fresh coat of paint or a new, graphic area rug can tie your space together in an affordable new way. Multiple light fixtures are another easy way to enliven a room. To create a focal point, update drapery or add a decorative folding screen for an instant update.

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How-To Shop the look

Buy a large potted plant to instantly freshen up your interior space. Houseplants improve air quality and enliven your living room.


It’s important to have a mix of ambient, task and accent lighting in your space. Invest in a sophisticated table lamp that complements your overhead fixtures and standing lamps.


The newest window treatments take a page from the past. Indulge in eye-catching, textured fabrics like taffeta, polyester or cotton to make them an elegant focal point.


Paint is one of the quickest, most affordable ways to change the look of a room. To add extra personality, use it to accent a fireplace mantle or to refresh your existing furniture.


Pillows pack visual punch. Use a variety of fabrics or prints in similar colors to get a designer look for less.


Tile floors are popular but can often be cold underfoot (even in summer). Use an area rug to add style while increasing the cozy factor of your living room.

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Show off your favorite treasures. Install under-cabinet lighting to display your collections in the best possible light.

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