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Robin Wilson

I just moved into a new space and have spent time doing a closet and bath organization project. From hampers to hangers, plus baskets and shelving—organizing is a great way to make a space your “home”.


My favorite secret is carpet tiles. Perfect for an active family that may have pets or children—if they spill something, you simply replace a tile, instead of replacing the entire room. They are washable, have a non-vinyl back and are affordable.


I love mixing classics with modern touches and am heavily influenced by minimalism and the architectural style of Paul R. Williams. Mixing vintage pieces that have an architectural sense, with both modern accents and B&W photography can create a perfect space.


Paint and lighting updates are the simplest and most inexpensive ways to change a space. For an accent wall, I recommend a subtle shade if furniture is bold, and a bold shade if furniture is neutral. And then match your accent throws and pillows to the accent wall.

Lighting for a room should be both at eye-level and ambient, with optional task lighting. The eye-level lighting should reflect how the space is being used—kitchen or bath versus a living room chair used for reading.


Design inspiration can come from everywhere—the trip to an art gallery, your vacation or looking in a décor magazine. The key is looking at things with an eye to your preferences—and even if you cannot afford to buy today, you might want to create an inspiration notebook. And if you have free time, visit a leading brand showroom to see how the rooms are decorated, paint colors and accents to refine your taste.


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