Style Guide: Holiday 2012

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Simplify Your Gift Giving

Everyone's easy to shop for when you have great gift ideas like these.

We've collected six different gift themes for you to choose from. Maybe you've got an Outdoor Enthusiast who's just getting started in gardening endeavors, or a Sports Fan who seems to have everything. No matter who's on your list, our collection is meant to be personalized. Give the whole "basket", pick just a few things, or mix up gifts from different themes to create the perfect present.

So choose a category and dive in. Put a little extra in the gift basket by adding a Home Depot Gift Card so the folks on your list are sure to get even more of their favorite things. You'll have your holiday shopping done in no time.

  • Sports Fan. Shop these gifts
    Gift ideas for sports fans, ultimate tailgate set
  • Outdoor Enthusiast. Shop these gifts
    Perfect gift for gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts, shop for these items today
  • DIYer. Shop these gifts
    Gift ideas for DIYers and contractors, build your own set today
  • Entertainer. Shop these gifts
    Gift ideas for home entertainers and cooks
  • Decorator. Shop these gifts
    Gift ideas for decorators and home decor, shop these gifts today
  • Weekender. Shop these gifts
    Gift ideas for weekenders, grill accessories and must haves